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“Why in the world would a city family open a lavender farm?” 


While we sometimes get that reaction from strangers, those who know us understand this farm is a dream. We were craving a simpler life, a way to give back to the land while positively impacting the environment, our family, our community, and our customers.


We didn't just want to open a lavender farm; we wanted to create a destination that encouraged a slower pace, where families can explore the natural habitats, gardens, grasslands, wetlands, and animals spread across our property; a farm that enriches the land while creating the highest quality of organic lavender on the market; a space that gives back to the land and its community. 

Copy of Copy of Copy of Untitled Design
Copy of Copy of Copy of Untitled Design


Belle Lavande is more than just a lavender farm; it’s our family’s passion.

  • Terry runs the farm - very different from his days in the automotive industry! He has planted thousands of lavender plants and is building a woodland trail system that supports natural habitat preservation. He also works at our store in Plymouth.

  • Windy has her fingers in most aspects of the business. Not only does she develop and produce our products and build relationships in the community and industry, but she works on the farm and in the store as well. She is the driving force behind Belle Lavande’s commitment to habitat restoration. Windy tries to feed every animal, bird, and butterfly she sees on our 40-acre farm. She was Mrs. Dolittle in another life!

  • Ryan is working on a business and marketing degree, which will play heavily into Belle Lavande’s growth over the next few years. In addition, he manages the store and social media channels and works on the farm. One of the benefits for him is that he has a ‘built-in’ internship!

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