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Belle Lavande is a destination farm filled with rolling lavender fields, natural habitats, grasslands, meadows, and wetlands. It’s a haven for wildlife, butterflies, and bumblebees. 

We are committed to farm and land preservation, chemical-free farming and growing the best lavender available!


Windy has always loved gardening and when she began growing certain plants in the backyards of our various homes - butterflies and birds just started showing up in droves.  The Butterfly Garden will have an 85-foot diameter, aesthetically designed with native flowers and plants that support the Michigan insect and bird population.  We’ve learned that specific Michigan bird and butterfly fauna will only eat specific Michigan plants and flowers. We look forward to sharing the Garden with the public.

Buttefly Garden


Belle Lavande is committed to restoring the land to its original splendor. Our 40-acre farm contains fields, woodlands, wetlands, and wild grasslands. It’s overflowing with wildlife, and the Mack family is committed to enhancing and preserving the habitat. When they first stepped foot onto the property, they know it had been waiting for them to tend the fields, enrich the community, and restore the land.

Restoring The Land


There are more than 450 varieties of lavender! You’ll notice that Belle Lavande’s logo incorporates a range of colors, as lavender comes in shades of purple and pink, red, blue, and white. 


Belle Lavande grows only high-quality, intermediate cultivar lavender, which means it can be used in food, essential oil production, dried into bundles, and debudded for used in bath and beauty products.


We never use chemicals on our organic farm. The result is soothing, beautiful, wonderfully smelling and tasting lavender that is used in food, body oils, lotions, and soaps.

Our Amish barn builder made a comment that his wife uses lavender oil to “calm the children.” It is not a “new thing!”

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The Lavender
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